Our Team

Dr. Kurt R. Gehlsen has been in the life sciences business for over 30 years. He is an experienced leader, manager, investor, inventor, entrepreneur and developer of products that have improved patient’s lives. Dr. Gehlsen has gone from bench scientist to CEO, worked at large Pharma, and in both start-up companies and public companies. He has two approved products, a hundred patents/patent applications and more than a hundred publications. Dr. Gehlsen was also a venture investor in an “evergreen” structured fund and managed investment direction, portfolio investments and internal licensing programs. Dr. Gehlsen has Baccalaureate degrees in Civil Engineering and Biology from the University of Arizona, and Doctorate degrees from the University of Arizona College of Medicine.
Melvin Rothberg has over the last 45 years participated in the development of the South Florida bioscience industry. He has held executive positions in the medical device, information technology, healthcare and biopharmaceutical sectors. Previously he was Vice President of Quotient Sciences – Miami, COO of the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida , CEO of Physicians Dialysis, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Processing and Imaging, Executive Vice President, Operations of Viragen Inc., Plantation, Florida and Director of Viragen International Inc. and Viranative AB (Sweden). Prior to Viragen, he was Vice President of Manufacturing and Business Development for Althin Medical a Swedish publicly traded company focused on the hemodialysis machine and disposables market. He previously held multiple roles with Dow Chemical and Cordis Dow and was instrumental in selling Dow’s dialysis division to Althin Medical. He held both international and domestic positions within Dow’s subsidiary CD Medical including responsibility for offices in Australia, Singapore and Japan and was Managing Director of Cordis Dow’s European manufacturing operations located in the Netherlands. He was a principal in the development of Dow Chemical’s first biotechnology business in the use of hollow fibers for cell culture and holds a patent for the “Growth of Cells in Hollow Fibers in an Agitated Vessel”. Additionally he developed and holds a patent on the “Process of Making a Cellulose Acetate Semipermeable Membrane” for the use as a hemoconcentrator in open heart surgery. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Chemical Engineering degree and has an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.
Dr Robert Grundy has spent over 20 years in Pharma and Biotech which began in drug discovery and development at Schering-Plough and GlaxoSmithKline. Rob served as Chief Scientific Officer with Cerebricon before becoming a founding member of Almac Discovery in 2008, contributing significantly to the establishment and growth of the business, building a pipeline of oncology therapeutic assets through licensing and strategic partnerships. In 2014 Rob founded Anglezarke Life Sciences Ltd, a business development, commercialization and growth strategy consultancy in the Life Sciences sector. Rob has also served as CEO of ReVana Therapeutics, CIGA Healthcare and Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland. Rob serves as an advisor to industry, academia and government which includes key economic advisory roles in the Northern Ireland Government. Rob has PhD in Neuroscience from Manchester University, an Honours degree in Pharmacology from Liverpool University and has held honorary lectureships at King’s College London and Queen’s University Belfast.